What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Acne?

The modern-day grapevine is something which is akin to the game of Chinese whisper. There is a ton of information available online and there are numerous people who feign knowledge of
everything under the sun. Amidst all the misconceptions out there, the ones about the acne are the most enthralling. It is high time people made an effort to verify statements they hear
before passing it on to others, as at times ,it can do more harm than good. With acne breakouts becoming increasingly common among teenagers of today, the need to separate acne myths from
facts is now greater than ever, thanks to the ample number of quacks on the internet. Just because there are good treatments available for acne like lasers for acne in Singapore and
other parts of the world, it is not okay for people to continue to suffer because of the myths. In this article, we shall discuss, what are some common misconceptions about acne.

Exposure to sun cures acne
While sunlight may be good for many things, it definitely is not good for curing acne. Most people expose their faces to the sunlight for extended periods of time hoping that it will
somehow cure acne. The belief is that it dries up the pimples. Truth is, the resulting tan may help cover up the breakout but that is all it will do for the acne problem. Prolonged
exposure to the sun for extended periods of time will lead to premature ageing and skin cancer, so people should try to limit exposure to the sun as far as possible. Some anti-acne
lotions are known to make the skin more receptive to sun damage, so using a good sunscreen is strongly recommended.

Eating French fries is good for curing acne
Some of the oldest myths are the also the funniest. Oily food like French fries or others must always be consumed in moderation for the sake of good health. Oily food has no influence on
acne whatsoever. Another old myth similar to this is that consuming large amounts of water will help in healing the acne faster from the inside. While drinking a decent amount of water
is absolutely essential for good health, excessive consumption of it will not do anything for the acne problem. There is no scientific evidence which confirms either of these two myths
discussed just now.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Acne

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