Have you ever tried conducting or attending a business meeting or more specifically a business lunch? But what exactly is a business lunch? A business lunch in singapore is usually held at a restaurant where two or more business people discuss and talk about important business matters while having lunch. It may sound as simple as that but it still has to be prepared for and managed well. There are several tips or guidelines we could follow in order to ensure that the business lunch would be properly done and finished well.

In an article by Negro Shaq, we would be able to know some of the tips to survive a business lunch.

10 Tips to Survive a Business Lunch

Whether it is a formal business lunch, a work break or a first date, the “table” moment is crucial for our social interests, whether personal or public. Education is demonstrated in many small details (and that I’m not going to talk about the label on the table, that is, how to eat certain foods). You can lose business and cause a bad opinion in the forty minutes that a lunch can last.

1. You should not start eating until all the guests are served, no matter how hungry you are. If he invites us to eat a superior (a boss, for example), we should never taste a bite before him.
2. If someone asks for a more complex preparation dish in a restaurant, they will ask the rest of the diners to start eating without waiting.
3. The plate with the bread will be located to the left of the presentation plate. It is not impolite to leave it intact, yes to play with it, making balls with the crumb and crumbling it. It gives impression of lack of security in oneself and nervousness.
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Well, those are some specific things to remember. One tip that was mentioned is to avoid using mobile phones. It is important to be sensitive of our companions. Your companions might think that you are not interested if you are doing some other things that could distract the meeting.

For more information, an article found in Bookatable will tell us some other tips for an effective business lunch.

Top Tips for an Effective Business Lunch

Apprentice finalist and serial entrepreneur Vana Koutsomitis shares her top tips for an effective business lunch to coincide with Bookatable’s National Business Lunch Week this June.

  1. Book in advance to ensure you get a table. It is really important to plan ahead and request a suitable table for a business lunch if you have an important meeting.
  2. If you have invited a contact to a business lunch and ant to guarantee you pay, it sometimes makes sense to give the restaurant your credit card ahead of time. This helps you avoid the awkward confusion of who is going to pay.
  3. It’s always best to order the same number of courses as the person you are dining with. If your guest is ordering a starter and main, I think it’s best to do the same. That way you don’t have any moments where one person has food while the other person doesn’t. Read more here.

Those were helpful pieces of advice from an entrepreneur. It is really nice to hear from someone who has already gone through it. Her reminders are about the before and during the business lunch. It is important to be prepared beforehand especially if you are the one inviting. Now, let us read another article by Nicola Heath which will tell us about an expert’s guide to a great business lunch.

An Expert’s Guide to a Great Business Lunch

There’s an art to conducting a great business lunch. In partnership with Quest Apartment Hotels, we talk to an expert about the dos, don’ts, and where to try them out.

The term ‘business lunch’ conjures images of long, boozy meetings. Deals are done, backs are slapped and the afternoon is for napping under the desk.

The reality is very different. Or at least should be, according to Matt Vines, Director of Strategy at Sydney PR Company EVH. He says a well-curated lunch can be a highly effective way to do business. “Certain kinds of business meetings are much more productive over lunch than via phone or email,” says Vines. “Lunch is a pleasant, relaxed and engaging experience, but also because the context and atmosphere is less formal and corporate.”

We asked Vines to take us through his tips for a successful business lunch. Read more here.

Having a business lunch is really not that simple because it requires preparation and focus. If we want to impress people, we should see to it that everything is well planned. We wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression because it would risk our business. Respect is one big thing to consider during a business lunch. We should show our interest and dedication. We should avoid any distractions. It is also nice to keep the atmosphere light since you are also having your lunch. However, we must always remember the guides and tips mentioned above to ensure that your business lunch will go well.

Things to Remember When Conducting a Business Lunch