When you think about a wedding your mind will always go to romance and that is always the main focus of any wedding. It is very important that the band that you choose for your wedding inculcate a lot of romance into the event. However, for every individual, his or her idea of romance can be different. So most forms of music have a few romantic songs that can be played for your wedding.

For those people who are die hard romance fans and want their wedding to be the most romantic thing that their friends and family have ever seen, here are some tips.

The most romantic period of all time was between the years 1830 and 1900. This is the time during which some of the most romantic compositions were made. There were expansive symphonies, virtuosic piano music, dramatic operas and passionate songs that were produced during this era. Therefore classical bands can be the most romantic sort of music that you can choose for your wedding. This can be in the form of an instrumental band that is well known for their classical music. Here are a few pieces that are considered the most romantic pieces in all time.

• Elgar—Salut d’Amour

• Puccini—O Soave fanciful, from La Bohéme

• Rota—Love theme, from Romeo and Juliet

• Mascagni—Intermezzo, from Cavalleria Rusticana

• Rachmaninov—Symphony No. 2, 3rd movement

Most of the other pieces that can be considered romantic are compositions from Beethoven, Schuman, Bellini and other composers from that time period.

For those who aren’t such purists can opt for other types of bands that will play good music that can be danced to as well as create a romantic environment at the event.

Most live bands at weddings can change their tempo and the songs that they play to give the wedding a balance of sophistication, elegance, romance and also a laid back attitude.

Many people choose to hire a country band that sings more romantic kind of music and also music that the crowd can dance to and has a lot of fun, one such example is soundgrove music can you can contact them at their website here

So no matter what your idea of romance is and no matter what kind of music you prefer it is always a good idea to get a good live band that can integrate and mix different types of music to make your special day a day to remember and the most romantic day of your life.

The Most Romantic Kind of Band for Your Wedding

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