Though it is arguable, yet many feel that live music is better than music recorded in a CD or DVD. Here are some of the reasons put forward by the supporters to claim that live music is superior to recorded music.
The sound of live music is considered to be superior to recorded music

Irrespective of how good the quality of the CD or the recorded music is, it can never match up to the quality of the music performed by a live band. After all, the sound produced by a live musical instrument is much richer as compared to a DVD or a CD.

You will have a first-hand experience of watching how the music is being made

When a live band plays in front of an audience, people get to see the entire process of how music is being created. It’s an experience of its own kind that has an added charm. However, when you listen to a recorded music, you just experience the end product, i.e. the tracks or the music. So, you do not get to see the creation of music as far as recorded music is concerned.

Live music is regarded by many as superior to the recorded music as it can be played in accordance with the ambiance of the room as well as the people who are present in that room

There are different ways musicians can play their music to suit the mood of the room. They can start with a particular genre of music and switch over to a different genre of music altogether. Moreover, their music will be quieter if they play in a smaller room. Alternatively, they may play louder or even faster if it is a big party or a grand event. While a majority of the audience may not be aware of it, they will certainly realize it even the musician made a mistake or played the wrong way. For example, when a musician plays music too loudly, or too quietly, listeners will definitely understand it.

Moreover, live music brings out an element of vulnerability in a positive way for the listeners. It makes you explore new and unknown things about you that you were not aware before. Live music offers a lot of merits ranging from superior audience experience, ability to ensure dancers give their best and a great deal of flexibility that clearly makes it superior as compared to the recorded music in a CD or a DVD. Moreover, even new bands can make their presence known through their performance in small venues and kick start their career.

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Reasons Why Live Music Is Better Than A DVD or A CD

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