Jazz is the most influential genre of music in today’s music industry. Jazz was born on the American soil. Jazz is the harmonious medley of the brass, woodwind instruments, and piano. It has been improvised with the guitar and occasionally the violin. Birthing in the 1700s, Jazz had been greatly influenced by the immigrants from Germany, United Kingdom, and Ireland. But mainly the Africans, who through descendants became African-Americans have had the most impact of all. In the 1920s jazz and blues were considered to go hand in hand. Great musicians of the century arose with the collaboration of these two genres.

Not only singers but also individual instrument performers rose to great heights of their musical careers. Miles Davis (a trumpeter), Charlie Parker (tenor saxophonist) and Dizzy Gillespie (a trumpeter, pianist, and vocalist) are well-known artists of their time who continue to inspire this generation. Jazz was highly influenced and modified by the societal situation which made it the people’s music. Lyrics and music that related to the currents affairs of the political and social circumstances were appealing to the people due to which other genres of music also took an interest in jazz. The 1920s and 1930s is referred to as the Age of Jazz, this paved the way for music like Rock and R&B to create legendary music.

Musicians like Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix have taken inspiration from jazz into their own genre of music and made some beautiful songs with melodious beats, thus catering to all music lovers. A reflection of personal conflicts and emotions as well as well synchronized rhythms was well appreciated and encouraged. Hip hop and Rap have evolved from versions of jazz. An expression of one’s lifestyle, struggles and ambition was what motivated the artists to perform and captivated large groups who understood their passion and challenges. It began as the 70s as block parties mostly held by the African-American community.

Today, it has expanded to an individual genre. As a result of the evolution, Jazz was then turning into disco music as well. As jazz is easily adaptable and ever-evolving, every generation of musicians has been able to connect with this form of music. Every artist, musician and music lover can relate to jazz and it this form of music has became commercial with many companies , this is one such example. It has touched every continent, country, and individual and Jazz music has made a huge impact in Singapore. Many a live bands at weddings have become quite famous in the music industry of the country. Music is the language of the soul, they say. People have been able to demonstrate their emotions and beliefs through music.

How does jazz influence other types of music?

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