woman being massaged by an aesthetician during a facial treatment session

Facial treatments are common around the world, not just here in Singapore. It is very common among models, celebrities, and regular citizens that want to keep looking good. And of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look attractive. Read more about the many facial treatment options available at Privé Clinic here.

However, many people are wondering if the process and the entire procedure are totally good without any risk factors. To be forthright, every procedure, either major or minor has both the upside and some downsides too. The same is true of facials. The good news however that is the benefits far outweigh the possible downsides. Let us examine some of them.

The Benefits of Facials

Good Fix for Common Skin Problems

Think about all the skin problems you can think of: Acne, Wrinkles, and so on. Exfoliating, masks or peels, astringents, can reach deep into the skin’s upper layer to strip away dead cells and reveal newer cells underneath. There is a treatment called the oxygen facial; it is said to boost the growth of new skin cells ad soften the skin to eliminate lines. Other facials can stimulate the facial muscles and make the skin tighter.

Mostly Painless

This is referring to the pain associated with the actual procedure. The good news here is that most facials are painless. The general use of anesthesia is closely associated with any of the treatments that might require a measure of incision made on the skin. A majority of these facials are procedures that do not require any form of incision on the skin, which makes facials one of the painless procedures in the cosmetic and beauty world.

Always a Procedure No Matter Your Skin Type

There are about six skin types namely: normal skin, dry skin, mature skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and young skin. One benefit of facials is that there I always a specific treatment for your skin type, no matter who you are. That is why it is possible for people of all ages can get a solution for any skin problem they may be facing.

The Downsides of Facials

Risk of an Allergy

There is the risk of an allergy, and this makes it tough for some people to get the needed treatment based on their skin type. The skin allergy might be to a particular solvent or treatment type. If forced, it can lead to even more dangerous problems for the skin.

Must Consistently Take Care of Skin to Achieve Maximum Results

A facial treatment is not a magic spell, for it to work well, the patient must also take care of his skin. That is why before and after the procedure, some specific instructions must be adhered to, instructions that will be given by the beauty or cosmetic specialist. For example, the patient might be told no to wash the face for a said number of hours after the procedure.


Each patient requiring facial treatment will have to weigh his/her options well before deciding as to whether to allow a procedure or not. The benefits and downsides of any procedure must be clear to you before sanctioning any treatment. But you have nothing to be afraid of. Only in rare cases will a facial be disadvantageous.

Benefits and Risk Factors of Facial Treatments