With the myriad of accommodation choices in the market, it may be hard to determine what kind of rooms are the most suitable for your holiday. Some of the general concerns include price, facilities, accessibility, cleanliness and etc. What do we need to factor in when choosing an accommodation for your vacation?

The following article post originally appeared on https://thetravelhack.com and was written by Monica Stott, founder and editor of The Travel Hack. 

There was a time when hotels or villas were pretty much your only option while on holiday or travelling. We all accepted this and didn’t question if there were any other options available.

If you were travelling on a budget you have to stay in a hideous budget hotel and there was very little flexibility. These days we have so many accommodation options. In fact, we have so many it can be difficult to choose which is best!

When your booking your accommodation it can be complicated too! I recommend using Hostelworld for hostels and a site like Hundredrooms for apartments, houses, hotels or single room rental. This site brings together accommodation from some of the biggest sites like Hotels.com, AirBnB and HomeAway so you can see everything in one place.

Here are some of the best accommodation options while you’re travelling and why they might be a good option for you…


Best for: Solo Travellers + Budget Travellers

First things first, hostels aren’t always the budget option. Hostels are evolving and they’re quickly becoming a great option for the mid-market traveller. People, like me, who can’t always afford a luxury hotel but don’t want to stay in a boring budget hotel. I like boutique hotels that offer something different and quirky and this is exactly what these luxury hostels have.

Hostels used to be over-packed bedroom filled with bunk beds and smelly backpackers but can now be a boutique experience. Boutique hostels usually have private rooms as well as cheaper dorm rooms. There are communal areas where you can meet people (great for solo travellers) and also have some space away from the confines of your bedroom. They have fully equipped kitchens too so you can save money on your meals.

My favourite hostels are KEX in Iceland and Generator in London.

There are also the super budget hostels available where you’re sharing a room with up to 20 people. It’s great if you’re on a strict budget and you’ve got a good pair of ear plugs!


Best for: Luxury travel + Weekend Breaks

When it comes to hotels I often use the phrase, ‘Go big or go home!’ I don’t mean big in size, I mean big in features.

What’s the point in staying in a 2* hotel? It might be affordable but it’ll be horrible. It will be a cookie cutter hotel room with cream walls and views to another concrete block of a building. Every room looks the same, no matter where you are in the world.

If I’m staying in a hotel I want it to be luxurious. I want a swimming pool, breakfast in bed, fluffy pillows, a mini bar, an enormous bath, toiletries worth stealing and a huge robe and slippers.

If I can’t afford a luxury hotel then I’ll go for a more affordable accommodation option.

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