Things to Remember When Conducting a Business Lunch

Have you ever tried conducting or attending a business meeting or more specifically a business lunch? But what exactly is a business lunch? A business lunch in singapore is usually held at a restaurant where two or more business people discuss and talk about important business matters while having lunch. It may sound as simple as that but it still has to be prepared for and managed well. There are several tips or guidelines we could follow in order to ensure that the business lunch would be properly done and finished well.

In an article by Negro Shaq, we would be able to know some of the tips to survive a business lunch.

10 Tips to Survive a Business Lunch

Whether it is a formal business lunch, a work break or a first date, the “table” moment is crucial for our social interests, whether personal or public. Education is demonstrated in many small details (and that I’m not going to talk about the label on the table, that is, how to eat certain foods). You can lose business and cause a bad opinion in the forty minutes that a lunch can last.

1. You should not start eating until all the guests are served, no matter how hungry you are. If he invites us to eat a superior (a boss, for example), we should never taste a bite before him.
2. If someone asks for a more complex preparation dish in a restaurant, they will ask the rest of the diners to start eating without waiting.
3. The plate with the bread will be located to the left of the presentation plate. It is not impolite to leave it intact, yes to play with it, making balls with the crumb and crumbling it. It gives impression of lack of security in oneself and nervousness.
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Well, those are some specific things to remember. One tip that was mentioned is to avoid using mobile phones. It is important to be sensitive of our companions. Your companions might think that you are not interested if you are doing some other things that could distract the meeting.

For more information, an article found in Bookatable will tell us some other tips for an effective business lunch.

Top Tips for an Effective Business Lunch

Apprentice finalist and serial entrepreneur Vana Koutsomitis shares her top tips for an effective business lunch to coincide with Bookatable’s National Business Lunch Week this June.

  1. Book in advance to ensure you get a table. It is really important to plan ahead and request a suitable table for a business lunch if you have an important meeting.
  2. If you have invited a contact to a business lunch and ant to guarantee you pay, it sometimes makes sense to give the restaurant your credit card ahead of time. This helps you avoid the awkward confusion of who is going to pay.
  3. It’s always best to order the same number of courses as the person you are dining with. If your guest is ordering a starter and main, I think it’s best to do the same. That way you don’t have any moments where one person has food while the other person doesn’t. Read more here.

Those were helpful pieces of advice from an entrepreneur. It is really nice to hear from someone who has already gone through it. Her reminders are about the before and during the business lunch. It is important to be prepared beforehand especially if you are the one inviting. Now, let us read another article by Nicola Heath which will tell us about an expert’s guide to a great business lunch.

An Expert’s Guide to a Great Business Lunch

There’s an art to conducting a great business lunch. In partnership with Quest Apartment Hotels, we talk to an expert about the dos, don’ts, and where to try them out.

The term ‘business lunch’ conjures images of long, boozy meetings. Deals are done, backs are slapped and the afternoon is for napping under the desk.

The reality is very different. Or at least should be, according to Matt Vines, Director of Strategy at Sydney PR Company EVH. He says a well-curated lunch can be a highly effective way to do business. “Certain kinds of business meetings are much more productive over lunch than via phone or email,” says Vines. “Lunch is a pleasant, relaxed and engaging experience, but also because the context and atmosphere is less formal and corporate.”

We asked Vines to take us through his tips for a successful business lunch. Read more here.

Having a business lunch is really not that simple because it requires preparation and focus. If we want to impress people, we should see to it that everything is well planned. We wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression because it would risk our business. Respect is one big thing to consider during a business lunch. We should show our interest and dedication. We should avoid any distractions. It is also nice to keep the atmosphere light since you are also having your lunch. However, we must always remember the guides and tips mentioned above to ensure that your business lunch will go well.

Reasons Why Live Music Is Better Than A DVD or A CD



Though it is arguable, yet many feel that live music is better than music recorded in a CD or DVD. Here are some of the reasons put forward by the supporters to claim that live music is superior to recorded music.
The sound of live music is considered to be superior to recorded music

Irrespective of how good the quality of the CD or the recorded music is, it can never match up to the quality of the music performed by a live band. After all, the sound produced by a live musical instrument is much richer as compared to a DVD or a CD.

You will have a first-hand experience of watching how the music is being made

When a live band plays in front of an audience, people get to see the entire process of how music is being created. It’s an experience of its own kind that has an added charm. However, when you listen to a recorded music, you just experience the end product, i.e. the tracks or the music. So, you do not get to see the creation of music as far as recorded music is concerned.

Live music is regarded by many as superior to the recorded music as it can be played in accordance with the ambiance of the room as well as the people who are present in that room

There are different ways musicians can play their music to suit the mood of the room. They can start with a particular genre of music and switch over to a different genre of music altogether. Moreover, their music will be quieter if they play in a smaller room. Alternatively, they may play louder or even faster if it is a big party or a grand event. While a majority of the audience may not be aware of it, they will certainly realize it even the musician made a mistake or played the wrong way. For example, when a musician plays music too loudly, or too quietly, listeners will definitely understand it.

Moreover, live music brings out an element of vulnerability in a positive way for the listeners. It makes you explore new and unknown things about you that you were not aware before. Live music offers a lot of merits ranging from superior audience experience, ability to ensure dancers give their best and a great deal of flexibility that clearly makes it superior as compared to the recorded music in a CD or a DVD. Moreover, even new bands can make their presence known through their performance in small venues and kick start their career.

If you love live music and are on your way to tying the knot with your special someone, go ahead and book a wedding live band to make the day all the more special.

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How does jazz influence other types of music?

Jazz is the most influential genre of music in today’s music industry. Jazz was born on the American soil. Jazz is the harmonious medley of the brass, woodwind instruments, and piano. It has been improvised with the guitar and occasionally the violin. Birthing in the 1700s, Jazz had been greatly influenced by the immigrants from Germany, United Kingdom, and Ireland. But mainly the Africans, who through descendants became African-Americans have had the most impact of all. In the 1920s jazz and blues were considered to go hand in hand. Great musicians of the century arose with the collaboration of these two genres.

Not only singers but also individual instrument performers rose to great heights of their musical careers. Miles Davis (a trumpeter), Charlie Parker (tenor saxophonist) and Dizzy Gillespie (a trumpeter, pianist, and vocalist) are well-known artists of their time who continue to inspire this generation. Jazz was highly influenced and modified by the societal situation which made it the people’s music. Lyrics and music that related to the currents affairs of the political and social circumstances were appealing to the people due to which other genres of music also took an interest in jazz. The 1920s and 1930s is referred to as the Age of Jazz, this paved the way for music like Rock and R&B to create legendary music.

Musicians like Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix have taken inspiration from jazz into their own genre of music and made some beautiful songs with melodious beats, thus catering to all music lovers. A reflection of personal conflicts and emotions as well as well synchronized rhythms was well appreciated and encouraged. Hip hop and Rap have evolved from versions of jazz. An expression of one’s lifestyle, struggles and ambition was what motivated the artists to perform and captivated large groups who understood their passion and challenges. It began as the 70s as block parties mostly held by the African-American community.

Today, it has expanded to an individual genre. As a result of the evolution, Jazz was then turning into disco music as well. As jazz is easily adaptable and ever-evolving, every generation of musicians has been able to connect with this form of music. Every artist, musician and music lover can relate to jazz and it this form of music has became commercial with many companies , this is one such example. It has touched every continent, country, and individual and Jazz music has made a huge impact in Singapore. Many a live bands at weddings have become quite famous in the music industry of the country. Music is the language of the soul, they say. People have been able to demonstrate their emotions and beliefs through music.

The Most Romantic Kind of Band for Your Wedding



When you think about a wedding your mind will always go to romance and that is always the main focus of any wedding. It is very important that the band that you choose for your wedding inculcate a lot of romance into the event. However, for every individual, his or her idea of romance can be different. So most forms of music have a few romantic songs that can be played for your wedding.

For those people who are die hard romance fans and want their wedding to be the most romantic thing that their friends and family have ever seen, here are some tips.

The most romantic period of all time was between the years 1830 and 1900. This is the time during which some of the most romantic compositions were made. There were expansive symphonies, virtuosic piano music, dramatic operas and passionate songs that were produced during this era. Therefore classical bands can be the most romantic sort of music that you can choose for your wedding. This can be in the form of an instrumental band that is well known for their classical music. Here are a few pieces that are considered the most romantic pieces in all time.

• Elgar—Salut d’Amour

• Puccini—O Soave fanciful, from La Bohéme

• Rota—Love theme, from Romeo and Juliet

• Mascagni—Intermezzo, from Cavalleria Rusticana

• Rachmaninov—Symphony No. 2, 3rd movement

Most of the other pieces that can be considered romantic are compositions from Beethoven, Schuman, Bellini and other composers from that time period.

For those who aren’t such purists can opt for other types of bands that will play good music that can be danced to as well as create a romantic environment at the event.

Most live bands at weddings can change their tempo and the songs that they play to give the wedding a balance of sophistication, elegance, romance and also a laid back attitude.

Many people choose to hire a country band that sings more romantic kind of music and also music that the crowd can dance to and has a lot of fun, one such example is soundgrove music can you can contact them at their website here

So no matter what your idea of romance is and no matter what kind of music you prefer it is always a good idea to get a good live band that can integrate and mix different types of music to make your special day a day to remember and the most romantic day of your life.

Secrets to using stay and play package at Universal Studios

The Universal Studios at Singapore Is a great place to unwind with kids, as they raze through the many attractions and bask in the glory of being one with the stars. To enjoy the unhindered time at this popular theme park, it is important to find a place to stay that is close, yet state of the art in every sense.

The Bay Boutique Hotel Singapore has a uniquely designed stay and play package for the Universal Studios Singapore. Here are secrets that can get you great deals to enjoy the fantastic special effects and rides that will blow your mind.

1) A comfortable room: The Bay hotel Singapore is a unique boutique hotel situated very close to the Sentosa Island, where the Universal studios are situated. The stay and play package lets you stay in a comfortable room with all amenities after you have had an exciting day at the theme park. The events and rides can leave you tired and exhausted and a hotel close to the park would be the most ideal, especially because you can rush to the park the first thing in the morning.

2) Tickets to the park: There are two adult passes to the Universal studios available along with a complimentary one way drop to the park. Find out the time of the drop so you don’t miss it for anything.

3) Enjoy your drink: The universal studios can leave you feeling extremely overwhelmed, with all adventure and thrills it is famous for. It can be so exhilarating that you might need to sit back for a nice drink. The fully stocked mini bar is complimentary and so don’t forget to drink to good health and good fun.

4) Stay connected: When instant messaging has brought the whole world together, there is no reason why you should stay out of this. Free WIFI access let’s you share pictures of your day at The Universal Studios with everyone you want to. Moreover, calls to local numbers are absolutely free, so if you want to connect with friends who live in Singapore then you can do just that.

These factors of the stay and play package should be utilized effectively to enjoy your holiday and to benefit from the discounts and offers. Not only do you get to stay close to the Universal studio theme park but you also get to check out of the hotel late. To enjoy the experience of Universal studios, stay at Bay Hotel Singapore.