Learning Spanish Through Blogs: 4 Best Spanish Blogs

The process of learning a new language does not end when you step out of class. There has to be some amount of personal effort to improve the experience. Although there are many Spanish classes Singapore that are outstanding in training, supplementing with personal reading is important

Learning Spanish through blogs

There are blogs that provide short and simple lessons with additional cultural insight that make learning a fun experience. The best part about learning from blogs is that there is no time restriction.

Four helpful Spanish blogs

1. Always Spanish: Set up by a Spanish lover, always Spanish is a valuable treasure trove for all Spanish learners. There are many tips and hacks to get the accent and pronunciation right. There is detailed information on the cultural insights and its effect on regional variation. The blog is compartmentalized into eight sections- immersion, vocabulary, music, street Spanish, tips and tricks, movies and shows, deconstruction and resources. There is information relevant to all levels of Spanish learning.

2. My Spanish adventure: Straight from the heart of a traveler, My Spanish adventure is one man’s adventure blog of Spain. The blog comes off as a message exchange between friends. It is filled with interesting snippets on the country and language. The blog concentrates on immersion, money saving tips in Spain, undiscovered tourist spots, great places to eat etc. (think lonely planet, but by one guy and one country)

3. Spanish obsessed: This blog is meant to give the brain a proper workout. The blog is a comprehensive Spanish learning website which is run by native English speakers. The blog is written in English as well as Spanish. The language is dissected to explain the basics, intermediate and advanced levels explaining the vocabulary and grammar at every stage. There are learning hacks and posts on topics like differentiating between ser and estar, usage of subjunctives etc.

4. Speaking Latino: The language learnt in the classroom is completely different from the street language. This blog assists you in familiarizing with the street lingo and accent. The series of posts are region specific: Ecuadorian Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Peruvian Spanish etc. There are a total of 12 countries that are listed apart from a general section on Spanish. The posts are concise and specific. A wide range of topics from politics to art and cinema and mild insults are covered in this blog.

Five Reasons To Learn Korean Language

People in Singapore are quite interested in learning the Korean language because of their love for the Korean pop culture and entertainment. However, that is not the only reason why people are going in the pursuit of learning Korean. The large Korean community and the increasing inflow of Korean tourists in Singapore has also become a strong motivation to master this foreign language.

If those aren’t enough reasons to learn Korean, then these might acts as motivations:

1. Be one with the Korean culture

In spite of being a thousand miles away from Korea, you can be a part of the Korean culture and understand it better by learning the language. Learning a language isn’t like studying just another subject, it is your entry into a foreign culture. A lot can be learned about Koreans, their culture, their preferences, and their habits by learning the Korean language.

2. Better international job opportunities

Korea has a strong presence in the international market, and learning the language can definitely enhance your job prospects. Even though English is becoming a highly spoken language in Korea, there are a lot of people and companies who still struggle with English. In such cases, being multi-lingual can be of great advantage.

3. Easier than other Asian Languages

A lot of people stay away from Asian languages, given their complex script. However, the good news with Korean is that it is relatively a lot less confusing than languages like Chinese and Japanese. The Korean written script, called the Hangul, is fairly easier than the Hanji and the Kanji script.

4. Better experience

If you are planning to take a trip to Korea, then knowing the Korean language can be a big asset. Irrespective of the fact whether you’re staying for a week, a month, or a year, learning Korean can make your stay in Korea a lot easier and fun. It’ll help you find your way around the country better, help you interact with the local communities, and enhance your overall travel experience.

5. Improved personal and professional relationships

By learning the language, you won’t just be able to interact with Korean immigrants in Singapore better, but you’ll also be able to maintain better personal and professional relationships with them. By taking a language course in one of the many Korean classes in Singapore, you can get the chance to socialize with several international students, tourists, and native Korean speakers.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Korea or you’re a big Korean pop culture fan, there are several courses and Korean classes in Singapore for your needs. Learning a new language, especially an advanced Asian language like Korean, can prove to be a great asset in both your personal and professional life.

Secrets to using stay and play package at Universal Studios

The Universal Studios at Singapore Is a great place to unwind with kids, as they raze through the many attractions and bask in the glory of being one with the stars. To enjoy the unhindered time at this popular theme park, it is important to find a place to stay that is close, yet state of the art in every sense.

The Bay Boutique Hotel Singapore has a uniquely designed stay and play package for the Universal Studios Singapore. Here are secrets that can get you great deals to enjoy the fantastic special effects and rides that will blow your mind.

1) A comfortable room: The Bay hotel Singapore is a unique boutique hotel situated very close to the Sentosa Island, where the Universal studios are situated. The stay and play package lets you stay in a comfortable room with all amenities after you have had an exciting day at the theme park. The events and rides can leave you tired and exhausted and a hotel close to the park would be the most ideal, especially because you can rush to the park the first thing in the morning.

2) Tickets to the park: There are two adult passes to the Universal studios available along with a complimentary one way drop to the park. Find out the time of the drop so you don’t miss it for anything.

3) Enjoy your drink: The universal studios can leave you feeling extremely overwhelmed, with all adventure and thrills it is famous for. It can be so exhilarating that you might need to sit back for a nice drink. The fully stocked mini bar is complimentary and so don’t forget to drink to good health and good fun.

4) Stay connected: When instant messaging has brought the whole world together, there is no reason why you should stay out of this. Free WIFI access let’s you share pictures of your day at The Universal Studios with everyone you want to. Moreover, calls to local numbers are absolutely free, so if you want to connect with friends who live in Singapore then you can do just that.

These factors of the stay and play package should be utilized effectively to enjoy your holiday and to benefit from the discounts and offers. Not only do you get to stay close to the Universal studio theme park but you also get to check out of the hotel late. To enjoy the experience of Universal studios, stay at Bay Hotel Singapore.